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KTH Ph D Dissertation

KTH Ph D Thesis

Maria Angélica Mayorca acquired relevant expertise in mechanical engineering research activities during her PhD and from her industrial experience. Her main industrial activities include structural dynamics blade design, flutter and forced response predictions, where she has been responsible for the unsteady Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) calculations and structural Finite Element analyses for turbomachinery.

She has great experience with programming tools for large data handling, evaluation and visualization, including the development of an online monitoring system for engine vibration prototype tests and further data evaluation with respect to High Cycle Fatigue.

Other industrial activities include root cause analyses and parametric modeling. During her Ph D she developed a Matlab tool that allowed the integration of various disciplines for aeromechanical design in turbomachinery, coupling results from unsteady aerodynamics, structure, fatigue, damping and mistuning.

Recent consulting services have been provided to the geothermal sector by developing numerical tools for test data visualization, post-processing and analysis. Her experience has been highly multidisciplinary and with exposure to different advanced tools that are usually applied for a large variety of mechanical engineering problems.

She has published various papers in relevant journals and conferences. For a detailed list of publications and CV please refer to her LinkedIn page.

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